Bios not installed????

  catman2000 10:09 17 Feb 03

Hi all, i have built a new pc, with a gigabyte m/board, but..........all seems to be working, i.e i have installed windows etc, but everytime the pc boots up, i get the following message..

MBUltra 133 (PDC20276) Bios not installed as there are no drives attached.

Any ideas?????

  €dstow 10:14 17 Feb 03

You get this message if there is no hard drive for the BIOS to look at.

I get it on some of my machines which have an extra IDE card but no drive attached.

Make sure you have your hard drive connected and powered up.


  catman2000 10:25 17 Feb 03


surely the drive has to be attached as it does log into windows after this message appears??

  MAJ 10:31 17 Feb 03

Did you install the m/b drivers for the board in the way that it states in the manual? Or, following on from €dstow's post, is it a Raid Board?

  goonerbill 10:36 17 Feb 03

what is the gigabyte mobo you have??

  €dstow 10:56 17 Feb 03

You didn't mention you could get as far as Windows.

In this case, like MAJ asks, is it a raid board or have you another IDE card attached?


  catman2000 11:49 17 Feb 03

it is a raid board, although im not using this feature. I have installed (at least i think i have!) all the drivers for the m/board.....

  €dstow 12:03 17 Feb 03

If you have the drivers but no drive installed on the raid channels, that is the reason for the message.

If everything is going OK (as mine do that deliver the ssame message), just carry on and ignore it.


  goonerbill 12:51 17 Feb 03

what is the model no. of the mobo ??? ga-*****
look at ya manual it will tell ya on the front

  catman2000 14:45 17 Feb 03

sorry goonerbill, it is a K7 Triton 400 KT 400 Motherboard.......GA-7VAXP

Also, it has onboard 6.1 channel sound (realtek), is that better than a creative 5.1 digital soundcard???

  SmiffyRebel 17:14 17 Feb 03

If you attatch a harddrive to one of the RAID channels and just use it as a ordinary IDE device these messages will stop.
I have a GByte GA-7DXR Mobo and I get the same message. It would shorten starup time if you could disable IDE 3 and 4 but as of yet I have not found a way to do this

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