BIOS Mysteries?

  SSmith 20:56 09 Mar 04

I recently bought a very cheap PC from a recycling company. The case is a new Compaq and when it boots the Compaq Logo flashes across the screen. The MBoard is a FIC 37s (or 34s, It's not with me sorry) The FIC site lists this MBoard but without an 's' All FIC MBoards have Award Bios wheras mine has Phoenix. My question is: If I flashed it with FIC Award BIOS could I kill it?

PS It's supposed to be a Duron 1600 but the BIOS says it's an 'Athlon 1900' whereas System Properties reports it as 'Uknown CPU Type 1.60Ghz' any light on this would also be helpfull


  agarm11 22:45 09 Mar 04

The main question is, why do you want to flash the Bios? I learnt along time ago, that doing it can cause severe problems, and that was doing it by the book. Bored one afternoon, so I thought "lets flash the Bios" result - dead PC! Sods law I suppose.
If it ain't broke don't fix it

  SSmith 00:52 10 Mar 04

Yes I've nearly had a couple of disasters too. Problem is it's a bit erratic and crashes - it shuts right down. Thought maybe BIOS would help. Also curious about FIC site saying ALL MBoards are award and this is Phoenix?


  Gandalph 01:06 10 Mar 04

Phoenix Technologies Inc., are Award here

  GaT7 01:14 10 Mar 04


Download & install CPU-Z to identify the CPU - click here . If this fails you'll need to crack open the case & have a look inside.

This site has some very useful BIOS info - worth bookmarking for future reference -
click here

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