BIOS flashing= quick instructions needed

  Chegs ® 17:52 31 Jan 04

The UpdBios.exe DOS utility can be used to create BIOS binary code for
add-on card from the motherboard BIOS binary code. The correct
signature will be created and saved in the output BIOS binary code based
on user inputs.

The UpdFlash.exe command line syntax is as follows:

updbios input_file_name output_file_name bios_type

input_file_name is the input binary file name
output_file_name is the output binary file name
bios_type is B for non-raid BIOS
R for raid BIOS

Tried updating my SATA controller,but feel I need to add a further syntax,as I ran this just now and got...

UpdBIOS V2.3 (02212003)

UPDBIOS input file> output file) B/R)

Does this mean its flashed,or I need to add something to the DOS command?

  Chegs ® 18:01 31 Jan 04

cracked it,needed to type <updbios.exe b4212.bin output.bin b>

and it worked as it should.

  Rennaissance 20:42 31 Jan 04

hehe solved your own problem. Why dont you just flash bios from a floppy disk.

  Chegs ® 21:09 31 Jan 04

That was from a floppy disc.I initially typed

A:\updbios.exe b4212.bin

but needed to type

A:\updbios.exe b4212.bin output.bin b

As I had asked in my post "Do I need to change the syntax?" whilst waiting for a reply,I tried different things and hit on the correct syntax to run the flash utility.So,your right,I did solve it myself,but I frequently do,as I pop over to click here and ask there.I nearly always get 1000's of results,it just takes a few refinements to the subject matter(by copy/paste a full sentence,then look at the words that googles search engine misses out)and bob's your uncle,the answer. :-)

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