BIOS flash

  vliety 13:54 18 May 04

If I knew my BIOS for my motherboard is it possible to download the latest flash BIOS for this? is this advisable?

  Stuartli 13:59 18 May 04

It is, but it's risky if you don't know what you are doing.

If your system is working as it should, best leave well alone...:-)

Methods vary and may include having to remove/repace a motherboard jumper - the manual will describe exactly what is to be done.

A bios update(s) will be listed on your motherboard manufacturer's website; it may well list the benefits of installing it, perhaps for switching to a more recent and faster processor.

  vliety 14:03 18 May 04

I have never received a manula for my mother board, do you just go to the dealers site and just download one?

  Stuartli 14:10 18 May 04

Well you could.....

But what the outcome would be if you tried to install it is unclear...:-)

If you find out what your motherboard is using Aida32, Belarac or even System Information from Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools, more help should be forthcoming.

But I repeat - unless it is absolutely necessary then leave well alone.


Every now and then a message appears on this forum asking how to flash your BIOS. Most warn against it unless there is a REAL need to do so. Later that day a message appears saying they flashed their BIOS and now nothing new motherboad required.

Unless you have a 100% need to flash the BIOS most people would say don't bother. Even the mobo manufactures sites say its a risky business.

  Dr Lecter 16:36 18 May 04

Really depends on why you need to flash your BIOS. I only done it so that my mobo is XP aware.
Depending on the make of yor BIOS ie Award / AMi as well.Normally you have to download the flash to floppy then follow instructions. But unless you know what you are doing i wouldn`t recommend it , cos a slight glitch/ or error will make your MOBO a piece of useless electronics.

  Stuartli 17:42 18 May 04

My Elite P6BXT-A+ motherboard is five years old and has never had the Bios updated, nor needed it doing.

During that time I've had Windows 98, 98SE and now XP Pro.

Even if I got a faster CPU than my Celeron 400MHz, I could only go up to about a Celeron 800MHz or a Slot1 Pentium of around the same speed (the board was the first to have both Socket 370 and Slot1 capability).

Doubling the RAM makes a far greater difference for the type of work I do.

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