BIOS Clock Speed Setting after Upgrade

  dth 19:52 17 Dec 03

Just treated my old XP1800 P/C to a XP2600 chip and a new motherboard. My problem is that when the P/C boots up it shows XP2600 but when it starts (Windows XP) it is shown as a XP2000.

I am sure that there is a setting in the BIOS that needs to be changed but can't remember which one, the shop have kept hold of the motherboard manual and the MSI webpage with the online manual is down for maintenance!

Not sure whether it makes any difference but the ram is ddr 2100 (2 x 256).

Any help appreciated.

  Allan-263226 20:04 17 Dec 03

What XP2600 is it, tbred or barton?

  dth 20:11 17 Dec 03

tbread one

  Allan-263226 20:13 17 Dec 03

Ok, that has FSB settings of 133mhz

go into bios, frequency\voltage and make sure it is set to 133mhz

  dth 22:04 17 Dec 03

Thanks for posting.

I have had a look at the FSB in thee Bios and it is already showing 133?

  Allan-263226 22:22 17 Dec 03

Try setting it to 166 and multiplier of 12.5
or leaving it at 133 and multiplier of 16.

Have you still got the packet that it came in? There should be a bit on the side that tells you what speed it should run at.

If it is 2133MHz then its 16 x 133
If it is 2083MHz then it's 12.5 x 166

  Allan-263226 22:24 17 Dec 03

What is the full make of the mobo?

  dth 22:36 17 Dec 03

Thanks again.

The motherboard is a MSI KT4AV - still got the box and it says everything but!

Processor AMD XP2600.

  Allan-263226 22:40 17 Dec 03

Look at the box straight on, in the top left corner it will say 2600+, just to the left of that, on the fold, it should say (it is a very samll box).

I'll do a quick search on the mobo but as soon as I know which one it is I can check!

  dth 22:44 17 Dec 03

operates at 2083 mhz

(sorry I was looking at the motherboard box?)

  Allan-263226 22:48 17 Dec 03

Reboot, go into bios, frequency\voltage and set to 166mhz

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