BIOS chip

  Madrat 14:36 20 Jul 04

I hav stopped a PC from booting because when I tried to update the bios I must have flashed the wrong one. (wont try that again)

Does anyone know where I can get the chip replased or reprogramed.

  Graham ® 14:43 20 Jul 04

You're not the first, you won't be the last :-)

click here

  Chegs ® 14:52 20 Jul 04

I did this to a K7VZA on xmas day a couple of years ago.I purchased a device called RD-1 BIOS Savior.Once I had reprogrammed it with the correct BIOS,I used it to boot the mobo,flicked a switch on the device and then reflashed the right BIOS to the mobo's chip.These devices come in a range of types,to suit 1M,2M chips,etc.I think it cost me about £30 when I bought it from still have the K7VZA mobo(working)but rarely use the device now,as I have upgraded the mobo several times and my latest mobo has dual BIOS and the device doesn't fit onto it here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:50 20 Jul 04

What BIOS type award Ami?

Some BIOS flash progs allow you to save original first did you do this?

Is there a jumper on the MOBO for clearing the BIOS?

Remove / disconnect CMOS battery for 10 minutes.
Refit and attemt to reboot (It worked for me although I left it for approx 1 year before having another play with the board during an idle moment).

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