BIOS battery - is it dead?

  gillwillow 18:01 09 Jun 06

My Dell Optiplex GX1 displays the message on boot-up 'cover was previously removed'. It hadn't been, and other forums say this is peculiar to this PC.

In Setup I found the system date was way off beam - showing 1988 I think??? I set the Chassis intervention to Enabled-Silent but it just went into a loop between BIOS and Windows.

I've removed the battery & will replace it tomorrow - but - anyone come across this? Is it likely to be the battery or something more sinister? And sorry for this numpty question, but can a PC start without the lithium battery in place?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:04 09 Jun 06

Date reset such as you describe is typical of BIOS battery failure.

A cheap replacement don't pay more than a couple of quid, will soon tell youif that is the only problem.

  gillwillow 18:36 09 Jun 06

Thanks Fruit Bat. I've got the battery out, just hope I can find a 3-V CR2032 battery fairly easily in a shop tomorrow as we're a bit rural here and don't want to wait for delivery off one of the internet sites. I'll let you know if it works:)

  Totally-braindead 19:45 09 Jun 06

Try Boots the chemists they will have it, perhaps even Woolys, its not an uncommon battery. Your local PC shop will have it as well but some of them will charge you the earth for it, some don't but I would just ask how much they charge for the battery before taking it.

  gillwillow 19:57 09 Jun 06

And thank you Totally-braindead! As you can tell, I am a hardware twerp (although my job is software support) and new to this site. I'll try my local chemist, then go to Boots.

This PC is essential for my husband's business and, although I have all his data on a memory stick, I'd really rather not have to replace the PC if a battery will revive this one.

ALSO - to both you and Fruit Bat, if this is the solution, I can go to few other forums and give them the good news because battery replacement has not been suggested so far and there a lot of people out there with this prblem.

If this works it implies that the orignal message is spurious and :) to both if it works.

  spuds 19:57 09 Jun 06

The CR2032 is a very common battery, most places for about a £1.00.

  woodchip 20:56 09 Jun 06

If you put it in the wrong way you will kill it

  User-312386 20:58 09 Jun 06

Lloyds chemist sell them cheap as well

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:01 09 Jun 06

CMOS Battery
click here

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