david889 23:35 12 Apr 06

What will happen if i try to install an older verion of my bios.

  johnnyrocker 23:41 12 Apr 06

any particular reason? and the os involved?


  remind 23:42 12 Apr 06

You may lose support for your CPU or large hard-drives amongst other things, it depends how far you intend to go back. Best to check the mobo manufacturer's site for BIOS updates and see what patches and improvements each update provided.

  david889 00:07 13 Apr 06

so it will work but the older bios might not support some of the hardware.

  phono 00:16 13 Apr 06

What do you mean by "so it will work"? What problem(s) are you having?

  remind 00:20 13 Apr 06

as `phono` says, without knowing your mobo, cpu, HD and OS, and what problems you're having.....

  david889 00:22 13 Apr 06

For some reason the resolution in my bios and in dos is always full screen now since i did a video bios upgrade and its getting very annoying.

  Totally-braindead 00:25 13 Apr 06

I've never tried it, to be honest I've never even thought of doing it, I suppose it would work I don't think the newer BIOS would prevent the flashing of the BIOS to an older version but you've got me curious as well. Why would you want to do this? If its an older motherboard it could really muck things up if you did this.

  Totally-braindead 00:28 13 Apr 06

I'm sorry but I'm unsure of what you mean, my BIOS is always full screen and always has been on whatever computer I've ever had.

  david889 00:30 13 Apr 06

sorry guys this is hard to explain so i mark it as resolved but thanks for all your help anyway.

  phono 18:02 13 Apr 06

As Totally-braindead says, BIOS will always be full screen, DOS on the other hand can be toggled between windowed and full screen, it "remembers" the last setting, when in a DOS screen hit the key combination Alt + Enter, this will allow you to toggle between fullscreen and windowed.

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