bigger ram or hard drive?

  susie1997 16:54 29 Nov 09

I am after a new laptop what do I look for big ram or big hard drive?my old laptop is very slow as I have a few apps on it I donnt play games but use the internet a lot and want faster loading pages as mine now take ages, can anyone advise?Tricia

  Technotiger 16:56 29 Nov 09

Most new lappies come with 1Gb plus of RAM. 2Gb is better.

Hard drive - at least 250Gb, more is better.

  susie1997 17:15 29 Nov 09

Hi TechnotigerI have a 250gb now with 1gb but its sooo slow, I have been looking at 4gbram and 320gb hard drive will that be faster? and which is a good make I have advent at the moment and its been ok but slow as I said with vista home premium, I had lots of problems with compatibility issues when I had it new 2 years ago and I am worried that windows 7 will be the same until its been on market for some time, is that the case?

  Technotiger 17:54 29 Nov 09

If you are going to have Win7, (better than Vista) then 4Gb would be good and faster. The size of the hard drive - though bigger is better, can be faster if the drive is 7200rmp as opposed to the older 5200rpm, just about all new hard drives are at the faster rpm these days.

If the old lappie is slow, maybe it needs a good clean-out, both physically and software wise - like getting rid pf programs not used for a long time, and also clearing Temps Files folder in Windows, doing a de-frag etc etc.

  Technotiger 17:56 29 Nov 09

What makes? Hmm, very much a personal preference thing, but I like Toshiba and Acer, though this is not to say that other makes are not as good.

  Technotiger 17:59 29 Nov 09

BTW, I don't think Win7 will give as many problems as Vista. I am still using XP, but I have installed Win 7 on a friends lappie for him, it looks pretty good.

  susie1997 18:26 29 Nov 09

Thanks Technotiger, vista does a defrag every month and cc cleaner deletes all my internet files and I usually fix any reg problems with that as well, also I have lots and I mean lots of pictures in various places and small video's I have taken on my phone and transferred to pc, plus all my tom tom files are there, will that make it go slow?

  Technotiger 18:33 29 Nov 09

Well it looks as if you keep it running pretty 'clean', but if the hard drive is beginning to fill up with all your stuff, it could possible cause things to slow down a bit.

Assuming of course that you do regular scans for any Malware etc.

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