Bigger Monitor !!

  Petesilver 21:41 19 Jun 09

If I want a bigger monitor say 22" Can you advise me if my current Graphics card is suitable as I am not sure about the resolution bit.
My current card is

Radeon 9200
chipset 9200AGP
DAC Internal DAC (500mhz)
Bios Date 03/03/19

Any help appreciated

  woodchip 23:05 19 Jun 09

the graphics will run it

  woodchip 23:06 19 Jun 09

the graphics will run it, what is it a old Medion Computer as I had one like that in it

  Petesilver 12:47 20 Jun 09

Thanks woodchip

its not Medion it is a MESH MATRIX 2400+ Computer I bought in 2003
Good heavens i didn't realise it was getting so old I must admit

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