Big Win XP Taskbar

  Grimy Corporal 19:40 03 Aug 03

Hello to everyone,
As the title says my Win XP taskbar has doubled in size. How do I resize it to the single line style of taskbar. Tried clicking and dragging but no good

Cheers Mac

  Djohn 19:46 03 Aug 03

Move your cursor to the edge of the bar, cursor will turn into a double headed black arrow. left click, and hold then Drag down to normal size. j.

  3Toed 19:47 03 Aug 03

G.C.There was a similar problem earlier last week-I'll point you there,but firdt right click on taskbar and check if 'lock the taskbar' is checked.If it is uncheck this temporarily,then drag to a single line and re-lock

  3Toed 19:56 03 Aug 03

djohn's try first-its the most likely also-
that was but 'first'right click(in above).You sorted?-
click here
for similar but not exactly the same.

  Grimy Corporal 21:39 03 Aug 03

Ok, Thanks to everyone who's posted some help for me, clicking and dragging seemed to do the trick. Once again cheers


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