Big problem pop ups I cant get rid of

  Femme 00:08 03 May 09

It says winPC antivirus has detected that someone is trying to transfer your private data via internet At top it says firewall warning
They want you to down load software I ran ccleaner I have avg free and am running it now,
I think its a scam or virus I cant get rid of it .
Thank you

  lotvic 00:21 03 May 09

WinPC Antivirus is a rogue program from the same family as WinPC Defender. This program is advertised through the use of malware that displays fake security alerts and pop-ups on your computer. follow the instructions on click here to remove it.

  Femme 00:41 03 May 09

Do you know of a free one I dont even knoe the cost of this
thank you

  Sea Urchin 00:59 03 May 09

The solution suggested by lotvic is free

  Femme 01:03 03 May 09

i look again but after the scan is appeared I had to register and pay thx Ill recheck

  Femme 01:10 03 May 09

Seems to be more than one removal and its confusing me
sry dumb blonde here lol
thank you

  ambra4 03:50 03 May 09

Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Free Trial Version, install, update and run it will

remove WinPC Antivirus

click here

You should also download SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition at bottom of page install,

update and run

click here

  Femme 13:59 03 May 09

I installed malware it wont even let me run it
I purchsed pc tools it picks it up but wont remove it
I tried restore it wont work either
thank you
what a mess

  rawprawn 14:06 03 May 09

Try running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode. (Keep tapping F8 when booting to get into safe mode

  Femme 14:11 03 May 09

Ill try that but its making doing anything almost impossible
th a bunch

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