big in middle, small at sides

  jonnyg111 16:44 17 Jul 06

My computer screen suddenly looks odd: the images in the centre look large, while towards the sides, everything gets tiny. The scroll bar has almost disappeared! It is as if I am looking at a sphere rather than a flat surface. Help!

  oldal 17:01 17 Jul 06

Are using an LCD or a CRT monitor ?

  SANTOS7 17:11 17 Jul 06

Has the atributes of pincushion gone a bit OOOH ERRR! open monitor menu click round to pincushion and alter settings,
have you tried updating graphics card drivers...

  jonnyg111 07:08 18 Jul 06

Apologies for being a beginner here, but, how do I tell what kind of monitor I have? And where is the monitor menu?


  oldal 08:41 18 Jul 06

Large squarish box - CRT
Flat thin (1 - 3 inches) deep box - LCD
Monitor menu is accessed from buttons on monitor.
What make is the monitor ?

  Sapins 08:49 18 Jul 06

An LCD is very "thin" and a CRT monitor is much deeper. The menu button should be on the front, the top, or on the side, from the menu you can change settings such as horizontal and vertical size and position. Find the Pincushion setting and adjust it so the picture evens out.

  Gongoozler 09:29 18 Jul 06

Somewhere on the monitor, probably on the back, should be a label telling you the make and model. Tell us all that you see on the label and we may be able to give you more specific instructions.

  wee eddie 07:32 19 Jul 06

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) like an old fashioned TV.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) a small version of those TVs that screw to the wall and cost £3000 in the stores

  jonnyg111 17:37 19 Jul 06

Thank you for your help, everybody. I have a CRT monitor, make is Dan, Nov 1997, model 1569SE. The Monitor Menu gives me Position, Size Geometry and Rotation, none of which seems to help at all. I still feel as if I am looking at a goldfish bowl.


  Gongoozler 17:54 19 Jul 06

Geometry should include an option to go all the way from pincushion to barrel.

  oldal 18:10 19 Jul 06

If the adjustments don't correct it then its probably a duff power supply.
It will be cheaper to replace it with an LCD monitor than attempt a repair.

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