Big Gap Between Tracks On CD

  muffin1947 11:24 26 Dec 08

I have just used CD Burner xp to burn some music onto a CD the problem is there is a gap of about 1 min between each track.I have downloaded two versions of this music and burnt both with the same result any ideas.While on this subject when I used to use Nero to burn I was able to preview how it would sound when it was burnt but have forgotten how to do it again any ideas anyone

  ICF 11:46 26 Dec 08

click here this link show how to burn with 2 second gap and no gap

  muffin1947 12:56 26 Dec 08

I have always clicked on leave gap between tracks and the gap was always ony a couple of seconds and now it is almost a gap of 1 minute and I do not understand why.What could cause this.I am going to try and burn something completely different and see what happens and will let you know.

  muffin1947 14:20 26 Dec 08

Just burnt some more music tracks onto a CD and these were fine.Maybe the others were corrupt will try another different one and let you know.

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