big favour

  Smokeyone 10:00 29 Feb 08


I am just tinkering with building a simple web page in html, only text and pictures, one page in notepad. A friend has sent me a simple script that makes the pictures appear in random order, returned the file to me and says it works fine.
You can almost guess my problem, I cannot get it to work, various e-mails back and forth etc.
Any chance of someone doing me a big favour and having a look at the file for me please.


  Kemistri 12:16 29 Feb 08

FTP it to a server and I might take a quick look.

  Smokeyone 15:18 29 Feb 08

Thanks for the ftp server offer but that would give me more problems....

  Kemistri 16:14 29 Feb 08

If you can't put it on a server, I can't see it. In what way would uploading it cause you more problems?

  Forum Editor 17:54 29 Feb 08

it's hard to help without seeing the script (don't post it here, by the way), but I'll speculate.

Presumably you have placed the script on the server?

Scripts do things, but they need to be told about specifics - where image files are, for instance, and where to display them when they find them. These specifics are called variables, and your script probably has them. Take a look at the lines, and you may get a clue - you'll see where the script must be edited in order to work.

If you're really stuck, why don't you ask the friend - ask where to put the script, and how to get it working.

  Smokeyone 18:53 29 Feb 08

Hello again
Uploading to a sever would for me be an extra page on my website or I would have to take the current page down. I really do not want to tackle either at the moment because I know I would goof up.

I'll sort it out, my mate keeps telling me it's fine and working but it's no different to me.

Thanks for the clues about looking at the variables in the script. I'll find the answer in the end.

  Kemistri 19:01 29 Feb 08

You can have more than one page on a server, obviously.

  MAJ 20:27 29 Feb 08

If you want to Smokeyone, email it to me and I'll upload it for you, Kemistri and FE can then download it and take a look at it if their offer still stands.

  powerless 20:49 29 Feb 08

Ask your mate what the script is written in.

  Smokeyone 05:58 01 Mar 08

Thanks for the uploading offer but I'll sort it out now. My friend is in the USA which adds to the e-mails back and forth problem.

  Smokeyone 07:31 02 Mar 08

Thanks for pointing that out. I never realised that accessibility could present a problem.
Might be better to leave well enough alone.

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