A Big Apology...

  holly polly 20:58 09 Mar 04

Seems my posting concerning ghosts upset quite a few forum members ,as anyone who visits this forum regulary knows i am a regular ,and i would never knowingly place a posting that would annoy and cause people distress ,
i would therefore like to take the time to apologise for my foolish actions ,please accept my sincere and humblest apologies ,if you the forum postees cannot find it in your way to forgive and wish me to be banished from the forum ,so be it i will respect your decisions and respond accordingly-hol pol...

  VoG II 21:02 09 Mar 04

It takes a lot of guts to apologise publicly Hol Pol. Having done that, I would just carry on as normal.

I missed it - boo hoo!

  johnnyrocker 21:04 09 Mar 04

likewise who of us has not made a mistake at some time or another?, i too missed it.


  Meshuga 21:06 09 Mar 04

holly polly, didnt see the posting but you are forgiven anyway.Meshuga.

  holly polly 21:10 09 Mar 04

thanks for the kind postings ,i will keep the thread open and reflect on what has happned -hol pol....

  GaT7 21:14 09 Mar 04

If it was the one a few hours ago I saw it, though wasn't offended. No problem - forgiven. (Has it been taken off now?)

  @jc 21:17 09 Mar 04

Those who never made a mistake

never made anything

  Audeal 21:33 09 Mar 04

I used up a whole bottle of heart pills after seeing that. Now I got none left, well I didn't like them anyway. Forgiven. Now I gotta go get some pills.

  VoG II 21:36 09 Mar 04

Ah, now I think I know. Hol Pol posted a site that asks you to find the ghost in a picture, right?

I've tried it on most of my friends and relations and they've all survived (I used a makeshift defibrillator).

  Audeal 22:02 09 Mar 04

Vog: I needed the kiss of life but could find no volunteers, that is untill the bloke next door offered to help. Boy did I recover quick.

  powerless 22:06 09 Mar 04

I just jumped...nuff said.

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