Bi-Directional installation

  night 16:35 19 Jan 13

Having removed the ribbon connection from the mother board, and connected the 40 pin IDE into the mother board,having connected the sata data cable to the S1 connector on the converter and the other end to the DVD with cable provided, the power cable connected to the converter and then I presume to one of three spare socket's on the remaining ribbon connections making sure it has a red and black pins which marry up to the converter power lead, but is the above in order before powering up computer.?

  chub_tor 17:01 19 Jan 13

I'm confused with this. What is the converter you are referring to and which of the ribbon cables on the motherboard do you mean? Or has there been an earlier post that I missed?

  night 19:18 19 Jan 13

Chub-tor, in answer to your query I am installing a new CD/DVD player and it is an Internal SATA DVD-RW, and the BI-Directional converts IDE to SATA I guess your not familier with this set up .

  Ian in Northampton 19:39 19 Jan 13

night: it might have helped if you'd mentioned in your original post what it was you were trying to do... :-)

  rdave13 19:49 19 Jan 13

If it's something like this, link, then I'd connect to the ide port on the motherboard and connect the power cable to the PSU. Next connect the sata cable to the sata optical drive and then connect the power from the PSU to the optical drive. Looks to me that you need two sources of power to run these adapters.

Never used one, though, but that looks like the set-up to me.

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