bg2200 wireless adapter and linksys WAG354G router

  timsimpson 09:13 22 Oct 10

Hi. I've been working with my ISP to get my broadband speed up, which has been successful. When i connect via ethernet cable to my router i get download speed test results around 12Mbps, but when i use the wireless connection i only get 5Mbps. As far as i can tell, i have the most recent drivers (from the dell and intel websites) so i don't know what else to try. I don't know whether it matters but i'm using windows to manage the wireless conncetion rather than the intel software, mainly because i couldn't establish any connection at all when i originally set the network up using the intel software.
I'm no expert, so would really value any advice you may be able to offer.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  mgmcc 13:48 22 Oct 10

If you go into the Network Connections folder ("Start > Run", type NCPA.CPL and click OK) and then double click the Wireless Network Connection, what speed is shown?

This isn't your internet speed it is the speed at which the adapter is connecting 'wirelessly' with the router. As you're running an 802.11g router it should show 54Mbps.

  timsimpson 18:02 22 Oct 10

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes it does show 54Mbps. What i don't understand is why the speed test is so much slower via broadband when i apparently have a 54Mbps connection to the router. Any ideas?


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