Better quality RJ11 to RJ11 cable and filters

  Tick Tock 3 15:50 08 Jan 07

Looking for 5m cable for wired adsl modem/router to go from modem/router to BT phone socket, are there better quality RJ11 cables,and also 2 backup filters are there any better than the BT ones at reducing line noise.

  wjrt 16:43 08 Jan 07

click here
cable .scroll down for filters

  Meshuga 16:47 08 Jan 07
  Input Overload 16:57 08 Jan 07
  Tick Tock 3 20:12 08 Jan 07

Thanks for the links i will decide between the XF-1e microfilter and the Excelsus z-blocker also called Zyxel Z420,if anyone has either of these microfilters how do you rate them.

  Dipso 20:38 08 Jan 07

I replaced an Excelsus with a XF-1e as I experienced dsconnections when using the phone after upgrading to Max ADSL. The XF-1e is known to be one of the best microflters available, cheaper from click here where I got mine from.

Just a thought...instead of the longish RJ11 can you not use a short one and extend the network cable that goes from the router to the PC, I would think this should provide better performance.

  Tick Tock 3 21:40 08 Jan 07

I am using a spare bedroom for the PC and the master socket is the nearest at the top of the stairs just under 5m away so the longer RJ11 is my best bet i think.

  Input Overload 00:06 09 Jan 07

I am a good way from the exchange & had quite a lot of line noise on my phones with the bog standard filters I had so after reading up I bought 3 XF-1e's which sorted the problem & improved my ADSL speed. Well worth buying I think.

  Tick Tock 3 15:47 09 Jan 07

I also have a fairly long line 3.0km straight line so it could be almost double that,but i will go for the XF-1e filters.

  Dipso 20:17 09 Jan 07

Of course you could always go one better and get a filtered faceplate and eliminate the danglies altogether click here

  Tick Tock 3 23:14 09 Jan 07

Another option not seen that before.

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