better emailer than outlook express?

  Cabochon 14:46 05 Dec 05

Is there a better (preferably free) email prog than outlook express?

  PaulB2005 14:52 05 Dec 05

Better in what way?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:21 05 Dec 05

ThunderBird from the Mozilla Stable is very good - it is frequently updated for both features and compatibility.

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Calypso is also very good: Now known as courier

Courier Email, the safe, secure and easy-to-use email for business and home use by Rose City Software
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  stylehurst 16:53 05 Dec 05

Eudora is pretty good, and free if you are willing to put up with the adverts

  jack 08:42 06 Dec 05

Thenderbird is currently the tops of the alternatives out there

  jack 08:43 06 Dec 05

Thunderbird is currently the tops of the alternatives out there -in conjuction with Firefox of course

  wee eddie 11:55 06 Dec 05

Hotmail, Yahoo, Google Mail, (I nearly said G-Mail!), and probably half a dozen others.

  Cabochon 12:05 06 Dec 05

Tnanks for that, will give them a try...

was thinking offline email and news. Outlook express doesn`t allow deleting messages without opening them, (or at least I can`t see a way, and I just don`t like it.
Got spoilt by being with `Demon` for a while, and using their Turnpike which I got to know how to use. Don`t think you can use Turnpike without being with Demon, or I`d get that since I know it.

  wee eddie 12:40 06 Dec 05

Turn off the Preview Pane

I use Outlook so cant tell you exactly but!

Click View > Preview Pane.

  PaulB2005 12:46 06 Dec 05

wee eddie - "Hotmail, Yahoo, Google Mail"

Except none of those are e-mail programs (or "clients" as they are called)


Outlook Express

View menu, layout, Uncheck Show Preview Pane. this switches off the Preview Pane. Now double click a message to open. Single click and hit delete to delete.

WARNING - If you open a message and then use the Delete button in the message it will automatically open th next message.

  Belatucadrus 01:57 07 Dec 05

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