Best Wireless PCMCIA card for laptop...

  Daveson 19:35 19 Oct 04

Hey all, making the big leap to Broadband and just wondering what the best wireless card is for my laptop. Any suggestions then plese let me know. Also do you rekon its best to buy the service providers wireless gear or go and get it myself ??? Wanadoo are charging £70 - 80 for there wireless gear.


  Forum Editor 19:39 19 Oct 04

equipment - there's plenty to choose from in what must be the single fastest expanding market sector at the moment.

I use a Belkin PCMCIA wireless adapter in my laptop, and it works like a dream.

  Daveson 20:45 19 Oct 04

Hi forum editor. If i am to buy my own router and PCMCIA card can you suggest what sort and maybe a link. Wanadoo are providing the modem and microfilters.


  TomJerry 20:48 19 Oct 04

look? feel? price?

For the card: b model D-Link Wireless PCMCIA Cardbus - 11mbps Adapter £16.74 click here

g model Ebuyer 108Mbps Wireless PCMCIA LAN Adapter (802.11g+) £19.97 click here

But you need more than card for wireless. Basically, you need to have a transmitter (called access point) to actually transmit signal for laptop to receive.

Best to get a AP (access point) with build-in ADSL modem D-Link DSL-G604T 54Mbps ADSL Wireless Router £71.51 click here

So the price charged by W?do is not bad.

  Daveson 22:22 19 Oct 04

thanks for the info. This may be a silly question but i am getting package 3 from wanadoo which is 20x faster than dial-up, when i have my wireless all set up and i am in the garden with my laptop, will the internet still be 20x faster, well just as fast as when i am inside.


  woodt 00:24 20 Oct 04

'Normal' bb will download a file at roughly 100Kbs, a wireless connection is at worst 1Mbs, you wont notice the difference.

  Daveson 00:56 20 Oct 04

great sounds good. Thanks for your advice. Laters.

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