Best Win7 Email Client

  Procrastinus 30 Aug 12

Having installed Thunderbird in a Win7 machine, I cannot find a way of copying address books over via a USB stick from another XP machine (Outlook Express). This seems to be a failing with Thunderbird. What do you recommend as an free e-mail client for Win7 to which one can easily import OE address books?

  Woolwell 30 Aug 12

They key word is "easily". You can export your address book and import into contacts on Windows Live Mail. But not sure about easily. I've done it recently.

  Muergo 31 Aug 12

I have had so much trouble with Windows Live Mail concerning lost files and storage, I have for ages used Thunderbird as a secondary backup system and all the contacts came over easily from my old Outlook Express I had on the old computer running XP.

I now have been bombarded with messages telling me I should move to "Outlook" the latest system from Microsoft, Maybe 608 might want to skip a generation and move from Outlook Express to Outlook directly and avoid the leaky cloud in Live Mail.

  wiz-king 31 Aug 12

I like Pegasus I had bothers with Thunderbird and Turnpike and have been using Pegasus for several years now.

  Procrastinus 01 Sep 12

Thanks all for your inputs.
Finally I installed Windows Live Mail. I was reluctant after adverse comments - but in the end it seems not so bad; time will tell, certainly the transfer was easy. It does seem that Thunderbird have missed a great opportunity to trump after Win7 was released without an inbuilt e-mail client. I tried for ages and just could not get a decent hand-over from OE - just me, I suppose!

  AroundAgain 01 Sep 12


I haven't used OE for a good many years so can't remember how I transfered contacts to Thunderbird, but I did.

However, an alternative is to export your contacts from OE as csv file, then import into Thunderbird which will import csv files.

I realise this is probably too late for you now but maybe someone else will be glad of knowing ways to migrate from OE to Tb

I'm interested to hear you find Windows Live Mail ok, though. I've never tried it but always good to know what else is worth trying. Might also look into Pegasus (thx wiz-king)


  john bunyan 01 Sep 12

I find Office Outlook good. Managed to get a free version installed.


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