Best way for labelling image files?

  sheila.weston 20:49 09 Oct 10

I really must label all my image files, but can't decide which method is most likely to stand the test of time. Any ideas?

As I see it, if the file is right-clicked, one can add the various properties, like title, comments, when taken etc. These then show up when the mouse hovers over the file.But these properties doe not show up when the file is opened in Windows Explorer.

Opening the file in windows explorer allows one to add a tag, but it doesn't show until you actually open the file in WE.

I have a lot of family history images and would like the properties to be passed on with the file if I export them on a disk or by emial.

  robin_x 21:36 09 Oct 10

They will if you select them in Windows Explorer View.

Try View/Choose Details for the open folder.

  sheila.weston 08:55 11 Oct 10

Many thanks. I didn't know that.

Now - I have been looking at the help file for windows gallery and find that I have most of my picture folders in the gallery. Do they get in there automaticaly, because I haven't knowingly added anything to the gallery? Any hints on using the gallery would be much appreciated. I understand that I mustn't delete them from the gallery, but use the 'remove from gallery' option. Is the gallery intended as a temporary option while one is sorting out files?

I can't see why the gallery is different from creating a separate folder for favourite files. Is it similar to how Picasa organises files?

  sheila.weston 09:12 11 Oct 10

Does opening a jpg file in windows explorer affect the quality of the image. Would appreciate confirmation that it doesn't.

  scotty 11:15 11 Oct 10

JPG files contain two categories of data, EXIF and IPTC. EXIF data mainly relates to camera settings. Information can be added to the IPTC and includes caption, keywords, origin etc.

Programs such as Irfanview and Picasa allow you to view and edit this information.

Picasa is also good for viewing photos and the face recognition facility is useful.

  sheila.weston 15:00 11 Oct 10

Thank you 124. I have Vista and have started to see where I am going! To check - Zone Photo Studio hasn't any advantages over Windows Photo Gallery or Explorer, has it, so far as standard editing is concerned? It looks about the same.

As I now see it, Gallery lists ALL the 'photos in the Pictures Folder, but you can add extra photos from other programs, like my Family History folder. Correct? ie isn't Gallery the same as Picasa?

  sheila.weston 21:19 11 Oct 10

Yes, Photo Gallery editing does affect the pictures directly, thanks. I'll mark this thread as resolved and press on - fifty down and several thousand to go!

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