Best way to improve broadband speed?

  AndrewAfresh 23 Mar 12

Having just done a speed test, I’m getting 3.12mb and my neighbours are getting up to 6mb.

I get my broadband from PlusNet running Windows XP on a desktop about 8 years old; I got my Speedtouch 330 at the same time. According to Amazon reviews, there are better modems/routers (is it a modem or router or both??).

If I want to improve my speeds, should I replace my Speedtouch or my ISP?

Are there routers that will feed my PC and my smartphone?

  difarn 24 Mar 12

When comparing speed with your neighbour are you actually comparing like for like? Same ISP for example, wireless v ethernet connections. Wireless connections are usually slower than ethernet connections.

Have you carried out basic checks. Is your router plugged directly into your telephone socket rather than via an extension cable? Is there a filter? If you have telephone extensions in the house do they all have a filter?

Is the wiring in your house in good condition? If you have a BT phoneline have you tried unscrewing the bottom half of the box faceplate (if you have a new style box) and attaching your router/telephone (with a filter) directly into the BT test socket? This is perfectly legal and is one of the things that BT/your ISP will ask you to do for the basic checks. Usually if the speed increases and remains higher it points to the fact that you may have some suspect wiring.

If you still have an old type box you should consider having it replaced.

  rdave13 24 Mar 12

I've the same set-up as yourself. Run to see what your profile is. If about 3.5 meg then your download speed is OK. If your profile is higher then contact Plusnet via their help and support. I find them excellent in helping to troubleshoot. My Netgear router gave up the ghost a few weeks ago so bought this as a standby router (main one a D-Link). Easy to set-up and a good range for wireless.


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