Best way to download music safely

  ripply 19:53 30 May 13

Hello, so far I've only bought songs for my mp3 from Amazon but I've been told by other people that there are lots of sites to download music for free and legally. I'm just a bit wary about doing this as I'm really worried it might give my computer a virus but I don't know if that's true. I do have antivirus and I only need to buy a few songs occasionally. If these sites involve file-sharing, what's to stop a virus being added? Or, would my antivirus definitely stop that happening. Is it safer to stick with a site like amazon or is there not much difference?

  wee eddie 21:42 30 May 13

It all depends on what you want to Download.

There are sites that offer 'legally free' Music that has been offered by new Bands trying to break into the market. You will never have heard it before and you may never hear it again. However, you may just latch onto the new 'Fleet Foxes' or discover the Gallagher Brothers before anyone else.

If you want Music, whose Musicians, Writers and Producers are allowed to make a living, then you will need to pay for it.

  ripply 22:04 30 May 13

Are all these file-sharing sites illegal then? I thought they were legal but was just worried about the chance of getting a virus.

  Terry Brown 10:51 31 May 13

Personally I use a small USB device called Prolectrix, which you can select the type of music you like and it will search the internet for you. You cannot normally download specific titles, however I have found music from groups and bands that I would never have heard of and bought their music, although this is entirely up to you.


  wee eddie 12:15 31 May 13

Technically the File Sharing Sites are not illegal and unless you download a Copyrighted File, without permission of the Owner, they have done nothing wrong. However you have then committed an illegal act.

These Sites are said to be a hotbed of viruses, but I know of few kids that have had problems while downloading. So perhaps not as high risk as they are made out to be.

  ripply 18:04 31 May 13

Thanks everyone, I think I'll just stick to amazon for a while anyway. I only need to buy the odd song and maybe I'll look elsewhere when I get more experienced.

  rdave13 18:43 31 May 13

You can listen to a lot of music on You Tube.

  wee eddie 21:12 31 May 13

Spotify, iTunes etc

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