best way to connect 2 lans?

  djbenny 13:36 05 Mar 08

there are two existing lans in seperate buildings, what would be the best way to link the? wireoless? cable or another option?

  Ashrich 21:46 05 Mar 08

What sort of distances are we talking about ? IMHO cable is the best and most secure way , unless the distance is too far or impractical , in which case directional wireless would be better .


  djbenny 21:53 05 Mar 08

its only theoretical, i thinking of possibilities...

would wires not need builders to come lay the cables and drill holes and things...

  T0SH 15:39 06 Mar 08

Have a look at networking over mains

Cheers HC

  dms05 16:24 06 Mar 08

You'd need to use an Access Points set to Bridging mode to connect the 2 LAN's together then provided you set the two LAN's correctly they should appear as a single LAN.

  Tech Guy 12:49 07 Mar 08

If you are using enterprise kit and buildings are close together (50-60 metres) you could just run 4 trunks between two switchs and etherchannel them.

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