Best tool for wiping HD?

  gerry66 20:08 15 Nov 06

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which is the best disk wiper to use before a fresh install.
Something that can return it to 0's or as clean as possible. Also a good disc checker would'nt go amiss too.


  Technotiger 20:14 15 Nov 06

click here

for disk wiper.


  gerry66 20:25 15 Nov 06

thanx technotiger

  Technotiger 20:26 15 Nov 06

Your welcome ... good luck.


  Procrastinus 20:35 15 Nov 06

I have used KillDisc very sucessfully. Simple to download to a CD/Floppy and off you go. It is at click here and many thanks to Rick Maybury's excellent BootLog at

  jack 22:02 15 Nov 06

All the suggested will do the job up to a point
With perseverance, skill and the right software any disk is readable - so how important to you the contents -compromising, ebarrassing- financially tricky?
If you are letting this drive pass from your possession and you are at all concerned - then the only way to secure your data from prying eyes is
a 14lb club hammer used with vigour.

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