Best SW to display photos in a groovy way

  effingpot 16:24 26 Feb 07

I manage a site (click here) that has several sections and several photos in each section, to show customers what they are about.

Rather than simply list the photos one after another I'd like to have some way to draw them out in a more groovy, maybe interactive way. I like how provides a video wall or collage for photos that you can interact with but it does not support photos.

Are there any free products out there that can turn a simple list of photos into something more interesting? Either web based or requiring install?

I can't find any - appreciate suggestions.

  Z1100 11:40 27 Feb 07

and I keep thinking the best way to 'display photos in a groovy way' is to have a creative mind and a half decent Web builder program.

But I will keep looking in just in-case there is a clever person in here with a better answer.


  Carol Sco 11:41 27 Feb 07

I use this app click here for photographs on one of my sites. It's very versatile and free with plenty of pre made templates as well which you can customize the HTMl for.Might be worth a look.Comes with built in FTP.

  effingpot 11:51 27 Feb 07

Thanks - JAlbum looks good- I'll take a look.
As for the previous comment - what do think the question means?
It's the half decent SW I'm looking for. Doh!

  Z1100 12:49 27 Feb 07

*note to self*

Don't bother to answer 'effingpot' again.

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