Best smartphone/tablet replacement for Psion

  BrianMaxted 19 Jul 12

I love my Psion with its separate open out qwerty keyboard, good sized screen and a complete computer programme content (word, spreadsheet, agenda etc and a wonderful data facility that can be adapted for bespoke use with extensive search ability. However the Psion software was unique (convertible to Microsoft) and are no longer made or supported, are very heavy on an inside pocket and I need to change to a more modern option hopefully including phone and camera facilities. Can anyone recommend the best option to include ideally Microsoft sheet, word and Outlook (reluctantly I may have to loose the Data facility which is so good in Psion). The nearest in size to the Psion is the Samsung Galaxy Note but I am not sure if it will offer Microsoft and I believe the Dell Streak is similar in size. I welcome any suggestions. Brian Maxted

  morddwyd 19 Jul 12

The Note is Android, but there are applications which will work with MS Office.

For full MS compatibility you will need to look for a device running Windows Mobile 8.

  BrianMaxted 20 Jul 12

Thanks Morddwyd for your helpful comments

  bremner 20 Jul 12

Windows 8 Mobile will not be available until at least October.

Windows 7 Mobile is not very good and devices running it cannot be upgraded in due course to Windows 8.

  wee eddie 20 Jul 12

If you want to run M$ Outlook on a Phone or Tablet, you will need to sit on your hands until Christmas.

To me ~ Outlook is the Killer App.

When a phone, or Tablet, is brought out that will allow me to use/synchronise Outlook with my Desktop, without requiring me to get a degree in programming. I shall buy it.


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