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  Mrs Bear 22 May 12

We are a small business with 6 pc's - what would be the best form of security for our nextworked computers. we currently only have AVG freeware. We have heard Bullguard, Kaspersky and Norton are quite good. Any suggestions please.

thank you.

  onthelimit1 22 May 12

I've found all the various antivirus do a pretty good job of stopping most of the nasties (some always seem to get through anything), but remember you should only have one AV. I also have superantispyware (free) which is an antimalware prog - for a business, you may do better to pay for it as you get additional features. I'm sure you'll get lots of different advice depending on which programme people use themselves.

  johndrew 22 May 12

Most of the free AVs do a pretty good job - even Microsoft Security Essentials; there is an independent review here if it helps. I used to use AVG free but found it to have changed over the years to a format I was less happy with; I now use MSE.

If you add a decent active anti-spyware and firewall (routers have an additional firewall that can work ahead of that on the PC) you should be as safe as is practical for a business.

Oh yes, and ensure employees stay away from sites with poor reputations!

  spuds 22 May 12

Most would have there own favourites, and I have tested, kept and dumped a few products over the years.

When you have made a decision through possible recommendations, you could simplify the task for obtaining the downloads, by using these two 'safe' websites

Personally, I find Avast and SuperAntiSpyWare reliable free products. I use to have ZoneAlarm as a firewall, but after a number of update problems, I left Microsoft own product as a firewall.

Perhaps worth pointing out, that using to many Anti programs on the same computer or system, might cause conflicting problems and errors, so be careful on your selection. Having to many is not always the best policy, simplicity is the best.

  rdave13 22 May 12

As it's a business I would consider paying for security. The company I work for use Kaspersky. The suit is not cheap however. Six licences for a year is £190 unless you can find it cheaper elswhere.


  rdave13 22 May 12

On Amazon a 1 PC licence is £15.78 for 12 months. Correction for above is that six licences is for 2 years.

  Belatucadrus 22 May 12

You also need to be aware of the license terms, most free anti virus is one copy only for non profit home use. I think Comodo permit business users on their free antivirus but would strongly recommend you check it with them as the penalties for breaching the terms if F.A.S.T catch you are pretty draconian.


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