The Best Powerful Laptop info

  zeppman 19:46 04 May 07

I want to buy a laptop but I want the best.I want it to have a fast processor,2gb ram,very good graphics card,a good sized screen,around 100-160 GB hardrive.I dont play games but I burn DVD's and want to be able to browse or other tasks with ease while doing this.When they say a gaming laptop is this going to be a waste of time for what I want.I like to see the top ones compared side by side.I know quality costs and I want a top Laptop.I've seen the Rock one's but I'm not sure If they are the best.Is there a site that compares them?

  Belatucadrus 20:23 04 May 07

click here

PCPro recently did a series of labs comparing laptops in a range of price brackets. You'll need to register if you use the site for more than a couple of minutes, but well worth doing.

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