Best power options for laptop

  frustrated_user 13:06 20 Mar 09

After our PC died, we decided to move our large laptop into it's place but use it as a desktop with separate monitor, keyboard and mouse (and buy a smaller laptop to use where we had the large one before)

As this machine will be more or less permanently plugged into the mains, what's the best power option? Is it as simple as going for "High Performance"? Also, what advanced settings should we be looking at?

It struck me that leaving the battery charging all the time is likely to ruin it's capacity, so I tried using the machine without a battery, not knowing if it would even work. It did of course, but now thinking

a) Is it OK to use minus battery?
b) If it is, is a goof plan to fully charge, remove and then periodically put it back, run it down, recharge, remove etc

Any advice appreciated!

  woodchip 13:20 20 Mar 09

Run it just on Battery now and again to refresh battery charge. And yes you can run without the Battery, Charge battery and put in Plastic Bag put in Top of fridge Not freezer to keep charge longer check it one every three to four weeks for state of charge to not leave it run down

  frustrated_user 13:58 20 Mar 09

Cool! (sorry, no pun intended!) - would never have thought about the fridge!

With the battery off then, do we go for High Performance, and can anyone recommend settings?

ps, under b) in first post, "goof" should have been "good" - that'll teach me not to read it through!

  woodchip 14:15 20 Mar 09

Yes use on best Settings, Do not use battery saver settings, you only need these when its just running on battery

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