Best place to download music 17:09 04 Jul 06

Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for dowloading music. I'm sure many of you have read about - is this truly illegal for UK users? from what i understand you pay around £1 for a full cd, wheras on apple you'd pay around £9

anyways, just wondering how to download music, free or paid. which free sites do not download dangerous spyware or malware?

ok, thanks for any ideas/comments

  brundle 17:32 04 Jul 06

2 for starters, safe and free

click here
click here

  Arnie 18:26 04 Jul 06
  ade.h 19:35 04 Jul 06

Well, brundle beat me to it in recommending my two long-standing favourites!

  rawprawn 15:58 05 Jul 06

I don't know anything about this site, my daughter told me about it. It certainly looks chep to me.

click here

Napster - For 9.95 / month you can download as many songs as you like however they stop working if you stop the subscription. Also offer the option to buy individual tracks at 69p each or albums at good prices (usually between 6 - 8 quid). This method allows you to keep the songs forever and burn them to a CD. Excellent range of music click here

Virgin Digital - Very similar to Napster however subscribers only get access to a limited range of their catalogue where as Napster subscribers have access to the whole of theirs click here

Wippit - 50 quid buys you 60,000 tracks that you can keep forever. Poor range of music though (in comparison to competitors)click here

Woolworths - buy tracks and albums at varying prices. Limited range in digital library click here

All of the above are totally legal in UK.

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