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  bobbychariot 11:46 04 May 09

I'm currently looking at buying a new p.c and am looking for some advice on performance. I've seen a couple of pc's but am not sure which would give the best performance. Both have 4GB memory but:-
First off is the difference in processor, a AMD Phenom™ X4 against a Intel® Core™ 2 Quad-Core - which is the better?
Secondly, the AMD has a slower processor speed of 2.2GHz compared to the intel 2.33. Would this be a noticeable difference?
Third, Processor Bus of 3600MHz with a cache of 2MB on the AMD compared to 1333MHz and cache of 4MB on the intel. Is this going to produce vastly differing performance or is bus speed largely insignificant? with the cache being the most important factor in performance
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated,

  OTT_Buzzard 12:08 04 May 09

First thing's first: you can't compare numbers for an AMD rig to those of an Intel rig. The hardware works in completely different ways.

Intel or AMD? It depends on what you are doing with the PC. Everyone has their own opionion on this and mine is that the current Intel range is superior to that of AMD. AMD does have the advantage that overall costs tend to be a little lower.

  Batch 12:31 04 May 09

Depends what you are going to use the PC for.

If it is primarily web browsing and office type apps, then a basic PC will almost certainly do the job. I currently use a 3GHz Pentium 4 (1GB, 160GB) that I picked up for £130 and installed XP Pro on and it is difficult to imagine it being much faster. Takes about 65 seconds to boot, Word and Outlook Express open in the blink of an eye and Excel is even faster.

But if you are talking about gaming, video editing etc.Then that's a different ball game.

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