The best NVIDIA drivers?

  hellfire18 16:25 15 Dec 05

I've got a PNY GeForce 5500 PCI 128mb DDR GFX card and i'm searching for the best drivers. My old GeForce Ti 200 had the "omega" drivers.

I checked on the omega drivers web site and it seems the last release was back in June 2005. Are these still the best drivers for my card or should I just go with the NVIDIA official drivers from the nvidia web site.

P.S. Anyone noticed how the latest BETA drivers are actually older than the official release drivers according to the NVIDIA web site?

Thanks for any help.


  sharkfin 16:39 15 Dec 05

Head to Guru3d, then look at the nvida forums, should give you all the info you want click here

  sharkfin 16:43 15 Dec 05

try the 77.77 version

  hellfire18 16:54 15 Dec 05

sharkfin, can I ask why I should use version 77.77 instead of a newer version (I believe 81.95 is the latest).

Thanks, Chris.

  sharkfin 17:03 15 Dec 05

I have a PNY geforce 128MB 6600GT, and running it with the latest drivers (81.95). I got poor FPS and my games seemed to play much slower. The quality of the games worsened too.

I experimented with different drivers and found that the 77.77 driver was the best. The quality looks crisper and plays much faster too.

I assume that the new drivers released by nvidia are designed for the newer graphics cards. i.e SLI/256Mb PCI-e cards etc. even though its supposed to be universal.

Hope this helps.

  citadel 17:06 15 Dec 05

In theory the latest drivers are the ones to have, but some people find some older drivers work best for them. I would install the latest microsoft signed nvidea driver and see how it works.

  hellfire18 17:43 15 Dec 05

So you wouldnt recommend I go with the omega drivers then?

  sharkfin 18:49 15 Dec 05

omega drivers are nvidia drivers that are tweaked by individuals. Wont do any harm in trying them. It could make your graphics look and play better but its a case of trying them out for yourself. I did try an Omega driver once but didnt like the graphics it produced. It did make FPS go up but at the expense of detail.

I would say, try out the Omega drivers if you want performance. Read the notepad file that comes with them to see what they have been tweaked for.

If you want a general allround driver then stick with official nvidia ones. Case of Trial and error to see which version is best really.

  hellfire18 18:58 15 Dec 05

Also on topic but slightly de-touring, I want to Flash the BIOS on thr 5500 and I am familiar with how "flashing" works however what can the 5500 be flashed to?

i.e. Radeon 9800 can be flashed to a 9800 XT.

Can anything be done to the 5500 to make it a 5700LE or even just an "update" to the current 5500's settings.

  hellfire18 20:38 15 Dec 05


  citadel 21:14 15 Dec 05

there may be flashing advice at I do not know the rest of your system but a 5700le is a very poor card if you want to play games.

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