best method for installing XP over Linux

  iqs 17:20 17 Mar 08

Hi,My friend has a PC which came with Linux pre-installed.He would like to install WIN XP.Question,what is the best nethod for doing this?.I see 3 options...

1,Boot with the XP disc and install
2,Load Linux,insert XP and install
3,Format HD then install XP

If any of the above in correct,which one/s,how any tips or advice or how to guides please.


  Diodorus Siculus 17:24 17 Mar 08

If he no longer wants Linux, boot with the XP cd and format the disk then install XP from there.

  skidzy 17:51 17 Mar 08

Assuming the Linux distro installed is Ubuntu you may find you will need the motherboard drivers for xp.

I would first check what drivers are needed and burn them to disc before the xp installation.

Check the bios is set to boot from cd/dvd as first boot device and then as above from DIO.

  iqs 20:17 17 Mar 08

Diodorus Siculus and skidzy.I have asked what ver of Linux is has installed,waiting for a reply.

Whats the best way to obtain the motherboard drivers?.Are they accessible through Linux?

  woodchip 20:28 17 Mar 08

Best and easy method, is buy Acronis Disc Director Suit 10. It is easy to reduce the partion size with it so that the drive leaves free sapace that you can create a NTFS partition for XP. The above Program also as a Dual boot mager with it. I use it to dual boot 98se and XP on different drives. It as all the tools you need to do the job easy

  skidzy 20:35 17 Mar 08

Installing xp should install generic drivers,from there you can run Belarc/PCWizard/Everesthome/siw etc to find out exactly what is needed.

  woodchip 20:38 17 Mar 08

Hi skidzy

  iqs 20:39 17 Mar 08

woodchip and skidzy.He has ubuntu 7.10..Cheers

  nikef 20:42 17 Mar 08

have you tried the ubuntu forums
they may be able to help you there

  skidzy 20:48 17 Mar 08

Hi woodchip hope your well :-)

Your biggest issue maybe the drivers as ive mentioned.
However once we have the mobo make and model we can find the drivers for you if needed.

  DieSse 20:50 17 Mar 08

"Whats the best way to obtain the motherboard drivers?"

Normally a new system should come with a CD for the motherboard. Otherwise from the website of the motherboard manufacturer.

"Are they accessible through Linux?"

No - it works ion an entirely different way.

If Linux is no longer wanted (can't understand why - but that's your friends choice - have they actually tried using Linux?) - then follow the advice of Diodorus Siculus. You don't need any other software other than the XP CD.

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