Best ISP (Pay as You Go) for a Laptop

  foxman318 22:09 08 Mar 06

Having purchased a Laptop, I am looking for the cheapest/best ISP. The Laptop will not only be used at home (NTL house connection) but also around the country (any connection). Can anyone suggest a good ISP (Pay as You Go) for this type of "mobile" connection. Also, if the ISP doesn't supply a disk, is it a case of just entering a phone number into the modem's settings and dial out??
My Laptop also has a wireless connection, I would assume that this would require some kind of broadband connection and would not be pay as you go....
Any responses grafetfully received......TIA

  ade.h 22:17 08 Mar 06

I can tell you what not to use in that case; Plusnet.

It requires your local phone number to be pre-listed on your account and won't accept dials from numbers that aren't listed.

I believe that Wanadoo PAYG is free from this restriction.

  remind 22:19 08 Mar 06

uk2 is worth a look click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:41 09 Mar 06

I use tiscali PAYG. You can use any phone and the cost is of a local call. Works very well.


  anchor 09:33 09 Mar 06

The link given by remind, (Adial, also called uk2), would be ideal for you. No registration needed, and easy to set up without a disk.

Open IE, Click on Tools, open Internet options, then open connections. Click on add. Then, follow the wizard, entering the details as given on the Adial site.

  pj123 12:33 09 Mar 06

If you just want to get on the Internet (not email) from anywhere in the UK use this number.

Set up a new connection. Leave the Area Code box blank. Insert telephone number 08451121212

When connecting you can use any ID and any password. (Don't save them)

Once connected, of course, if you have an email address you can log on to it. For example, your NTL email, just logon to and read your emails from there.

  ade.h 12:36 09 Mar 06

What's the name of that service, pj? Has it got a website for more info?

Sounds interesting.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:09 09 Mar 06

click here is the one.


  pj123 14:33 09 Mar 06

ade.h, sorry don't know anything about it at all.

I have been using it for about 3 years now but only to check dialup modems when selling PCs to clients, as in. If I sell a PC to someone who doesn't have an existing internet account I need to know that the modem works before it is delivered. But the link from remind looks just as good as well although you need to use their Id and password (both uk2).

  ade.h 14:47 09 Mar 06

I'll make a note of those details anyway; you never know when that might be really useful. Thanks for that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:11 09 Mar 06

The company PJ wqas refering to is Emergencyinternet, as my earleir link refers to.


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