Best Instant Messenger to use at work?

  webber_man 10:50 23 Aug 05

Our Systems Admin bods have just installed Websense Enterprise (click here) onto the network and now we can't use the normal MSN, MSN Webmessenger or even emessenger.

Does anyone know of a way around this or maybe an alternitive instant messenger? Doesn't have to really be MSN - just something thats quick and easy to use.

Might be a long shot as looking at the Websense website this looks like a right tidy piece of kit that will be hard to get around!

  johnnyrocker 10:52 23 Aug 05

you could try yahoo,eyeball chat or maybe skype voip?


  webber_man 10:54 23 Aug 05

None of the main ones work - msn, yahoo, trillian, aol etc.

Might look at eyeball, havent used that in years - but i have a feeling that will go the same way

cheers anyway

  mattyc_92 10:55 23 Aug 05

There is no real point in trying to use another Instant Messanger program, as you probably been restricted so that you can't install things as almost all networks for schools, colleges and companies I have seen stop users from installling, downloading, access the "Control Panel", etc for security reasons.

  webber_man 11:23 23 Aug 05

I know yer probably right - but it's always good to see if you can find a way around a 'problem'. I hate giving in!!

  johnnyrocker 11:32 23 Aug 05

tis the challenge.


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