Best home security suite?

  xplosion-xD 19 Nov 11

If I want all round protection, not too bothered about how much I pay, which is the best security suite this year?

  rdave13 19 Nov 11

Not one is the best security suite in my humble opinion. I've used the 'net for quite some years and the only one security software I've bought is a one-off payment for SAS.

No doubt others will disagree but for Vista and upwards Avast free AV is the bests. For XP then Microsoft Security Essentials is good.

For a blocker then Spywareblaster and/or Spybot S&D.

Malwarebytes and Superantispyware ,either one or the other, for a paid for version is good enough.

Be careful if someone suggests Hitman Pro as that not only cures trojans, etc, but will allow to clear so much you won't be able to use your OS.

Just my humble opinion only.

  mooly 19 Nov 11

Everyone has there own ideas. Best for me has been Microsoft Security Essentials. Installed along with a clean Vista install to ensure no conflicts and used with nothing else it is light on resources too.

Daily Acronis backups ensure peace of mind.

Does just one security package work... in my experience yes and I back that remark up by having made image backups and installing other software as a check after months of use (ESet, FSecure, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware etc) all come back as clean.

  buteman 19 Nov 11

Like rdave13 says any Anti-Virus as long as you have a good pay for Anti-Malware program to back it up.

I prefer Emisoft Anti Malware but any of the other two would do.

I also know that mooly's way of doing it works fine for him and has to be much cheaper to use.

It is the security programs that slow you down so with only one security program on your computer it is likely to work faster and start faster.

I have been caught by those drive by infections and they can be a bit of a nightmare trying to remove them so I side with rdave13 on his way but also think mooly's way might be one to consider.

  buteman 19 Nov 11

6 months trial of Eset supposed to be one of the best Security programs about.

So why not give it a try for 6 months and see how you get on with it.

I would also use one of the 3 pay for Anti Malware programs mentioned for added protection.

  Woolwell 19 Nov 11

Norton comes top of most reviews. The latest incarnations do not eat up memory or slow down the system like they used to do.


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