Best GPS Reveiver?

  QinesiQ 11:37 08 Oct 06


Can anyone share any experience or thoughts on the best reasonably priced GPS receiver (for IPAQ)?

Ideally I would be looking for Bluetooth, not to be restricted too much to 1 particular software (in case there are offers on or I didn't like it) and under £70.

I have certainly seen many interesting ones that fit these basic requirements but having had no experience of GPS (and plenty of experience of getting lost) I do not know which have the better build quality and receiving capabilities.

Oo and if anyone has any additional thoughts on software recommendations please feel fee to chip in too :-)

Thanks in advance

  anchor 12:41 08 Oct 06

Have a look here for a receiver:

click here

or, the package with TomTom Navigator 5

click here

  QinesiQ 12:52 08 Oct 06

funny i had my eye on the tomtom as they seem well-respected

would i alway need a separate external antenna or would it depend on the make or is it just for imporoved reception and if you find that you can get along without it then you dont need it-type situation?

thanks again

  anchor 09:34 09 Oct 06

QinesiQ; most probably not.

However, certain cars have heat resistant windscreens which make reception of the signals difficult. If you post what car you have, I will check on the forums.

As you say, TomTom is well respected; I have used both their Go 700, and a PDA version for some time.

  QinesiQ 11:54 09 Oct 06

Thank you for all your help I greatly appreciate your assistance

Yes, having done a little more research the chipset that the tomtom above uses is v sensitive and the unit can detect even from the glove box apparently!

  anchor 15:03 09 Oct 06

Yes, that chipset is probably the best available at this time.

I have not seen reports as to how it works with cars fitted with heat resistant windscreens.

Check compatibility first.

click here

  puma22 15:29 09 Oct 06

by a 'heat resistnat windscreen' do you mean the one with the fie brown lines to help defrost in the winter? (sorry I'm not v. technical) If so, then i have a Ford with one fitted and my tom tom works fine sitting on the dash.

  anchor 16:34 09 Oct 06

The windscreens in question are properly called athermic heat-reflecting. Perhaps I was not using the correct term, but they are heat resistant.

These are not the heated windscreens with fine wires built in them. Such windscreens present no problem.

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