best free firewall

  pookie 09:06 04 Dec 09


Windows XP home SP3.

I have come to end of paid for security suite and now installed free avira as antivirus, free malwarebytes and free spywareblaster. I am using free comodo firewall in meantime as that was the favourite of forum users (with zonealarm) last time i needed a free one.

Is the comodo free firewall still ok? I ask as their security suites seem to be getting poor reviews.


  john bunyan 09:12 04 Dec 09

Had (still have on dual boot) Comodo free firewall with MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials ani virus) on XP SP3. Works well with the other applications, if a bit intrusive. Have awitched to (Free) PC Tools on Windows 7 64 bit following advice on the W7 forum. (with Avira)

  birdface 09:15 04 Dec 09

Comodo was the best Firewall and may still be.I would just stay with that.Maybe add Superantispyware or A squared to your collection and you should be Ok.

  pookie 09:21 04 Dec 09

cheers guys

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