Best free email for job applications?

  hhh123kid 16:23 14 Oct 09

Hi I was wondering as I'm graduating from college this year what the best free email for sending job applications is?

Obviously I don't want something that had any tagged on lines at the end of my email and something that would work from outlook or something similar would be great. Storage isn't a major issue, just enough for documents really.

Also my name is pretty unique but I still couldn't get a gmail account using just it as a username. Would just adding numbers look professional enough? Just looking to get some opinions.

Advanced Thanks.

  Clapton is God 16:41 14 Oct 09

Gmail is probably the best and has an excellent spam filter.

I don't understand your comment about Gmail "I still couldn't get a gmail account using just it as a username".

Why should a user name prevent you from using a particular e-mail provider (unless it's blatantly rude)?

And, if it is solely for job applications, a 'professional' looking address will serve you better.

  hhh123kid 16:42 14 Oct 09

Thanks for the reply. I meant that my full name (irl) is already taken on it and I don't think that adding numbers looks that professional.

  Clapton is God 16:46 14 Oct 09

So choose another (professional) user name and open another Gmail account

  lotvic 16:52 14 Oct 09 click here
I have been with them years, all completely free and independent of ISP

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