Best Driver detecter?

  Sonic21 15:49 03 Jun 05

Every time i reformat there is always the odd driver that has a problem being detected can anyone recomend the best program to detect and download the drivers windows can't detect freeware prefably but i dont mind paying if its good.

  DieSse 16:11 03 Jun 05

"there is always the odd driver that has a problem being detected"

That's normally because Windows does not necessarily contain drivers (software) for all the devices (hardware) in your system.

You will have to find and save drivers (on a CD is best) for such devices, then have them ready when asked for when you reformat.

There's no way around that.

  DieSse 16:12 03 Jun 05

PS - the place to find such drivers is normally on the web-site of the device manufacturer.

If you are more specific, maybe we can give you some more specific help.

  Joe R 16:16 03 Jun 05

click here
click here

These sites are free, and will help if it is Dll files that are required.

  ashdav 16:18 03 Jun 05

click here there is a trial period where you can copy all your drivers to disc before you reformat etc. It will also find drivers you haven't got.

  Indigo 1 17:00 03 Jun 05

Sounds like you do it a lot, but why ?

It is usually not necessary.

  ashdav 18:59 03 Jun 05

I didn't say every time. Read my post again.

  ashdav 19:00 03 Jun 05

Sorry. I see you were refering to the original post.

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