best digital radio

  bert52a 13:36 24 Oct 06

can anyone suggest a good buy digital radio.I'd like one with aplayback/ record function?

  Technotiger 15:25 24 Oct 06

Hi, you would probably get more response if you put this Post into the Consumer Watch Forum.


  Peter 15:43 24 Oct 06


I've tried a few models - a Currys own £40 model, a Ferguson model reduced to £50. The Ferguson would take 10 minutes to warm up and receive a station without stuttering (and yes, I am in a good reception area, London). I tried the same model several times, but the problem was there on each of them. The Currys' own one was good except for the lack os bass. Over headphones the base was good, but over the speakers the wasn't much to speak of.

Eventually I went for the Pure Evoke-3; a bit expensive at £200, but sound quality is brilliant. Reception is very good and you can listen back about 30 minutes of the programme you are receiving. If you plug in an SD card you can also record.


  Stuartli 17:19 24 Oct 06

Either the Pure as mentioned or one of the Roberts range (manufactured in the UK at Knaresborough and excellent value for money).

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