Best Dial Up ISP?

  webber_man 09:24 14 Apr 04

Hi all,

I know that in these days of bands that are broad dial up connections might seem a bit last season but i have a friend who's looking to change ISP (she's currently with Freeserve) and move to a reliable, great value service.

Having been on BB for so long now i've lost touch with the world of dial up so would appreciate any pointers as far as ISP's are concerned.


  xania 10:04 14 Apr 04

I won't say they're the best but I have found that Claranet give good value for money. Their dial-up is pretty quick. I have found that their support people know what they are talking about and work hard to resolve problems, all for the price of a local call, even if you do have to wait in a queue at times.
On the downside, I have found that they have slowed down their throughput - tends to stop for a while then start again, which I can only put down to the fact that their bandwidth may be under strain - we're going broadband in the near future - but anythings got to be better than Freeserve.
A word of warning - you may find Freeserve hard to shake off on the PC. If you can stretch to it, I would suggest a re-installation of Windows if it remains a problem.

  webber_man 11:15 14 Apr 04

...i'll give it a look

  TomJerry 11:36 14 Apr 04

Check out here: click here. It is really value for money for light users.

  Eastender 12:03 14 Apr 04

I have recently gone BB but previously had the Unlimited package with OneTel click here

I found this a great service and had it for over 2 years.

  Tog 12:06 14 Apr 04

Support was helpful on the one occasion I needed it to sort out an email address.

  webber_man 15:07 14 Apr 04

will look at them and pass on the best to my friend


  scotty 15:17 14 Apr 04

The last review I saw gave Virgin PAYG a good rating. They provide useful services like forwarding e-mail to another address and they are about to introduce spam & virus filtering.

I have found them reliable.

  poogles_uk 15:26 14 Apr 04

Even though im on freeserve id say tiscali is good, has v.92 and is faster than my freeserve.

  Charence 17:43 14 Apr 04

V21, it's £9.99 for a 6 hour per day anytime connection. I used this before switching to Broadband and my internet usage was well within the 6 hour per day allowance.

If you sign up, click the link click here because its an affliate on my site. If you know what I mean!!! ;o)


  Roland Butter 17:45 14 Apr 04

Been with virgin for years. I cannot get BB yet so am forced to use NB.
I recon Tiscali and One Tel are propbably just as good. I have had issues with Virgin, but you can be sure that as soona s I move, the other one will suddennly become worse!
Unless you can run them side by side at the same time (why would anyone doe that???) you will have to rest assured that the one that is opted for IS the best!

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