best chemical to use

  madPentium 13:52 08 Jul 03

I have an Xbox which has been very tempramental the last month or so with reading dvds. I have tried lens cleaners which seem to help for a short period of time (a few hours) but i want to polish the lens on the laser. What chemical would you suggest which would leave no residue but disolve any dirt on it? The bottles of solution which come with lens cleaner disks seem to make it worse sometimes.

many thanks

ps. I have got a large bottle of meths, is this ideal?

  Megatyte 14:14 08 Jul 03

NO. Meths is oily. The best thing to use is isopropanol, but be very cereful when cleaning the lens as the suspension is very delicate.


  Psiman 14:16 08 Jul 03

No meths is no good. Basically its methanol with lots of additives and impurities. Isopropanol would seem to be OK, its a pure chemical with no additives. Use lint free cloth such as provided with tinted spectacles. (subject of the day by the way) click here

  madPentium 14:16 08 Jul 03

I'll let you know the results. Should be interesting stripping down the xbox. I've been dying to get inside it LOL

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