Best cd-r media

  AL D. 21:39 12 Jun 03

I would like to here some views on what is considered the best cd-r media available?

  PA28 21:52 12 Jun 03

Start with the cheapest non branded you can find and work up if you have any problems. Personally I haven't and backups on my 15p disks are still good after 2 years storage in 1p plastic sleeves!

  AL D. 21:57 12 Jun 03

i have tried lots of cheapo's but the best ones up to now i have found are memorex 40x

  PA28 22:03 12 Jun 03

But what do you mean by "best". If they work, hold data reliably, and last - then what's the difference? I take it that your writer has buffer underun - the days of rejects acting as beermats or bird scarers should really be over.

  AL D. 22:18 12 Jun 03

The best value you have used, my writer is only a plextor 24x writer but if i use 40x or 48x + I find that writing at 24x gives less coasters than say using cheap one that are 24x and writing at say 16x,
Thanks for your reply.

  ton 22:22 12 Jun 03

There is no 'best' as it depends what YOUR drive likes. A good CDR in one drive is not always good in another. I agree with PA28, start with the cheap ones, if they work, then they are good.

  Stuartli 00:24 13 Jun 03

It's more a question of which manufacturer produces or rebadges the media you buy.

If you visit click here you will discover which of the fewer than less than a score of manufacturers of media in the world produce top quality, average quality or rubbish.

You will also be informed as to which manufacturers or companies rebadge such media under their own name.

You may well be surprised.........

Such facts are also available for DVD media.

  Stuartli 00:33 13 Jun 03

Top Memorex CD-Rs are produced by Taiyo Yuden Company Ltd, one of the stars of the media manufacturing world.

However, Memorex also rebadges products by Ritek which, according to the website mentioned above, is responsible for much of the NoName media to be found at computer fairs etc.

The only CD-R media I have ever had coasters with was from Memorex under its so-called Professional brand.

E-mailing the company, explaining what had happened and offering to despatch the media to them for analysis failed to elicit any response whatsoever - an indication of its after sales policy one presumes.

  PA28 08:55 13 Jun 03

I note that you are still getting coasters. Hmmm. Might I suggest that you plough your money into a new CD Writer as the investment (which is now only about £25 to £30 will soon repay itself if you are able to get 100% success with the cheap disks. I have nothing flashy (a Memorex writer, oddly enough), but I simply do not get any coasters (he says, crossing fingers, touching wood, kissing the horseshoe, etc!).

  AL D. 09:30 13 Jun 03

As a follow-up to this post,what are the differences between/silver/blue/and black cd-r?

  PA28 14:24 13 Jun 03

In my experience - er - the colour!

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