Best Camcorder for "Audio"/Visual combination

  AllZwell 18:00 23 Mar 06


I want to buy a Camcorder, but I want to use it to record Piano performance(s), so I want the best AUDIO possible as well. Are there any particular brands (or models) to avoid/recommend? Budget not too much of a concern as such - but sub 1K would be ideal. Audio is the main priority though, but good qualities on both the visual/audio would be fine :)!


I cannot advise on a particular model but the following would be critical in my opinion.

1. An input for a seperate microphone. This would mean that you would not need to rely on the inbuilt mic.

2. If the performances are likely to be inside then a low light factor would be ideal.

3. A shoe for an extra light.

4. The facility to connect a tripod.

  anchor 09:47 24 Mar 06

Have a look at this review; user gives audio & video quality 10/10, and very good low light performance.

click here#

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