best broadband provider

  stutrav 17:48 11 Apr 04

I`m using NTL 1mb broadband and my download speeds are crap and i`m paying £34 a month for the privelige

can anyone recommend a better ISP

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:02 11 Apr 04

...and your average download speeds are??/


  pj123 18:07 11 Apr 04

It depends on how "instant" you want. I am on NTL Broadband at 600 and I don't have a problem. My download speeds are around 70kbs except for yesterday when it dropped to around 35kbs but still better than 3.5 on dialup.

  byfordr 18:13 11 Apr 04

click here £27.50 1mb, £37.50 2mb. Cheap nice and fast, short 3 month contract. Requires BT. I use the 2mb, my Dad uses the 1 mb.

Failing that try click here


  stutrav 18:37 11 Apr 04

usually 6-10 kbs

  tsihar 18:43 11 Apr 04

I use BTYahoo Broadband. Costs £29.99/month. I really can't complain even though, like most people, we like to have a go at BT from time to time! It's always available, fast and is being improved. Witness the recent update to their webmail. NO, I don't work for BT or own any of their shares!!

  dfghjkl 19:09 11 Apr 04

i think you have a problem,i am on ntl 600 and i get 70kbs or more does sometimes drop below 70,but not for long .i used to get about 17 on 150k.i know you hear a lot of bad press about ntl,but overall i am happy to pay my £24.99 a could do a lot worse.peter.

  bremner 19:22 11 Apr 04

You quite clearly have a problem with your set up.

I have Blueyonder 1MB and average well in excess of 100Kbs (depending on the download site)

You need to contact ntl and i am sure they will assist in sorting out your problem.

  Andybear 19:23 11 Apr 04

I'm on NTL 600 and I also get about 70kbs on average. Why not give NTL a call? There might be a problem with the cable or something, which can be sorted out by an engineer.

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