best antivirus package

  gidster 09:50 08 Jun 08

right folks

can anyone recommend the best thinking of getting norten security as i like the all in one aspect of them.

ive been using virgin pc guard which is a free security package but its been giving me problems,such as saying im not connected to the internet when i am,not allowing me on sites such as ebay and others like. and loseing connection.

which one works best with vista?


  User-1229748 10:25 08 Jun 08

if you are after a full security suite i would go with esset internet security (nod32)

  User-1229748 10:29 08 Jun 08

sorry 'eset smart security'

  sinbads 10:35 08 Jun 08

If your thoughts are of getting Norton, Do a search on this forum for Norton problems before you decide.

Other than that i can't advise you any better than smackheadz recomendation.

  timestar 10:46 08 Jun 08

Norton is awful. It is very resource intensive and every time it looks for updates your CPU usage will leap to 100%. It is also hard to get rid of. I now use ESETT security - much better, uses much less resoures.

  Splodge 11:14 08 Jun 08

Try out Windows LiveCare by Microsoft! At
click here

It insists you remove all other anti-virus and spyware products before installation but it offers a 90 days free trial and then costs around £40 p.a. You can also use it on 3 computers!

I have trying it out for a month and have had no problems. It is simple, it will run a weekly scan, time you select; defrags hard drive and removes unnessary files and automatically downloads updates!

So simple compared with the half a dozen or so programs I was running previously! And... who better than Microsoft to protect its' own product!

  Halmer 11:31 08 Jun 08

do suite of free products

click here

  Belatucadrus 11:35 08 Jun 08

"who better than Microsoft to protect its' own product!"

Wow that'd be one hell of a long list.

  Splodge 11:39 08 Jun 08

I see the "Knockers" are out in force today!

  birdface 18:08 08 Jun 08

If it was a trouble free program there would be no Knockers.We are still wondering how much you are getting paid from Microsoft for promoting your program.Or was that the one you were talking about.Unfortunately I don't like any of the two.But then again you probably would not use what I use.You get a program like Nod32 and I have not heard a bad word said about it.And if you are going to pay for it you would always Google it just to see what others think.Or a good recommendation helps.Then Google for problems.

  mfletch 18:28 08 Jun 08

I would recommend Kaspersky

PC World £29.99 for a three user license

It has Antivirus>Antispyware>Antispam>firewall>its own phishing filter etc


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